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The Right Moment To Quit Your Job And Start Designing Full-Time?

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That is the question that many creative people ask themselves throughout their design careers. After all, becoming an entrepreneur is the dream for many freelancers and designers who work in agencies or firms. Everybody knows that not everything is perfect. Many designers think that being an entrepreneur means having infinite freedom and, therefore, less work and more time available. Throughout this article, you will be able to analyze some points that you should think about before opening your own creative agency company, whether it be in graphic design, industrial design or any such faculty.

1) Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean less work

Usually, holidays and weekends will be sacrificed to get work done. Trust these words: “Having a company means working more.” After all, when you are an employee, there is a schedule to keep (usually from 9 am to 5 pm). When you are your own boss this schedule is based upon the amount of work left to the time remaining until such time that results are visible.

2) Being an entrepreneur is a long tough road to success and money

Do not quit your job and become a business person if you think that you will make more money instantly. You have to think first of all the bills and obligations you have to pay to. However, there is an amount paid monthly to the counter (it’s important to have a reliable counter) as well as other costs such as rent, software, subscriptions, equipment etc. However don’t let this stop you from imagining the bigger picture of great success, your drive is determined by your dreams.

3) Entrepreneurs have a certain freedom that the employees don’t

Ok, that’s true. The good thing about being an entrepreneur is that there is no need justify what you are going to do to anyone. Imagine being able to stop working at 3 pm and to go take a nap without anyone calling you to know where you are. Don’t think that you can do this forever. Having a company involves having more responsibility; your free time will be reduced. What you trade off in time commitments you make up for in responsibility, a nap in the afternoon turns into working till 2am that night.

4) The relentless chase for more business

It’s necessary to constantly look for new customers; you should hire a salesperson or invest in marketing. When you are an employee, you are used to receiving briefings day-in and day-out. Everything changes when you have a company, there is a daily struggle to maintain the customer’s loyalty and seek new clients. The nightmare of any business is to have nothing to do – not by choice, but as a result of the lack of customers. The best strategy for this sort of problem is to have an ongoing sales strategy, whether this is social media advertising, cold calling team, events etc. spend some time and energy into establishing a good sales strategy at the lowest cost possible.

5) Have leadership skills, be organized and know how to manage people

If your business grows you need to hire new staff and consequently you have to manage them. Your leadership style will need to be decisive and firm for the employee’s well-being. Also you need to be ready to solve future disagreements and deal with labor problems. The organization is also a key factor in the advancement of your company.

So being an entrepreneur is not easy but it can be very rewarding. Calculate the costs and think very carefully about every step you take. Be ready for the difficulties that will surely arise and always remember: be ethical, creative and organized.