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Getting Your Creative Mojo Back

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One of the toughest enemies of those people working on the creative department would be creative block.  It comes without a warning, one day you are feeling all pumped up ready for the big day ahead and the next day you can’t even produce a substandard design. Doesn’t matter if you are working on the film industry, graphic designers, someone working on a new industrial design or a novelist, you will experience that point.  The brains muscles may be considered as a delicate thing, if you use it too much often, then it reaches a point of satiety if you use it less frequently then it becomes dull.   But anyone behind the creative agency will know that eventually you will reach a point where you can’t find any motivation and inspiration.  But unfortunately, entrepreneurs will not wait for your magic to return.  A work that involves creativity can be tedious, wanting and oftentimes bounded within a time frame.  So to startup here are some things you must consider in order to get your creativity running like the usual.

Creating a Creative Journal-We all know that something can spring out of our imagination at any time.  Most of us have a tendency to forget about that cause of our cluttered brain thus keeping a note about this thing is imperative.  Draw a sketch if you are a graphic artist or write a blurb, what matter is that it reminds you of an idea.  I’m sure that it will definitely come in handy next time that you are going to need an inspiration.

Stretch those muscles-What a better way to startup your day with a simple routine of exercise.  Yep, we normally exercise our brain cells but failed to provide sufficient time for the wellness of our muscle cells.  Be reminded that exercise awakens your brain and keeps you alert.  Plus it will surely put you in a good mood knowing that you are in a good shape.  So before starting your next graphic design, make sure to reserve an ample amount of time flexing those muscles.

Always remember the basic-Go back to the basic.  If you are a graphic designer, try taking a pencil and a scratch and just doodle random things.  Trust me, something will surely come up and will let you remember the reason why you decided to take the career of a creative genius.  Try to draw basic things.  Use it as a basis of your work.  Create a new image by these simple things.  This is where your imagination can come in handy.

A bed is for sleeping- Now this one is a tip for the startup designers that are working in the comfort of their own home.  Never use your bed as your workspace.  Besides from the fact that it can alter your sleeping pattern, it will definitely distract you, and that can lead to procrastination. You will feel frustrated that you are not making any progress on your creative work. Find a perfect spot in your house, a place free of unwanted noise that you might want to treat as a formal workplace.

Stay away from the usual – Some graphic designers tend to do something crazy and out of the ordinary.  This technique forces your brain to think out of the box and also unknowingly teaches yourself to learn a different technique.  Do not be afraid to take the path that is less travelled by the norms.

Nothing beats a great preparation-If you are starting your newest industrial design make sure to plan for the next day before you finally retire to your bed.  Jot down things that you are planning to use and make sure to use all of them when you work the next day.  Do not cheat, you must somehow put everything to use.

Leave your secluded place – I know most of us want a space of our own.  But if all else fails then pick a random destination and go there.  Bring all of your essentials, startup with the basic tools.  It will clear your mind with all the worries and will force you to become more creative by working on a limited tool.

We may be born with a talent and the creative magic, but it needs time for it to flourish and develop.  Otherwise, we will never realize its true potential.  Do not feel frustrated if your creative side is temporarily on hiatus, it will definitely return. After all, it is not a permanent condition.