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As a creative business owner what 9 tasks can I outsource?

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If you are running a business based on creativity, such as selling your artwork or freelancing, there is really only one thing bringing in the real money for you. The more time you give to your creative work, the more money you will be able to earn. This means outsourcing the tasks that have only little to with the main focus of your business, but, however still needs to be done. Here are some 10 tasks that you should consider outsourcing:

  1. Taxes

Even if you are bad at maths, your taxes are something better off if handled by a professional. This is because tax laws tend to change every year.. Since you own a business, you might not have time to keep up with all the little details of the taxes, so giving this job off to a tax pro is a good idea.

  1. Production

Many creative business owners involve making what amounts to exact copies over and over again, such as graphic or specific clothing design.  If you will be constantly stuck in the production mode, when will you create new designs?

  1. Data Entry

After attending numerous conferences and meetings, you come home with hundreds of business cards to follow up and all those details need to get into your system ASAP. Have someone hire for data entry so you can get on with more serious matters.

  1. Scheduling

It will take a ton of back and forth to get a meeting scheduled, and if you regularly need to meet clients, scheduling can become a nightmare. For example, If you are UX designer you should worry more about when a frustrated user calls the help desk not worry about scheduling the meetings, so take the task off your hands and hand it to a professional.

  1. Marketing

Many of the business schools putout their marketing consultants, find one and put their MBa to use.

  1. Social Media activities

Unless you have a big business to justify a full time social media position, your presence on twitter or facebook can be easily outsourced by an independent contractor who can also take care of all other UI tasks for you.

  1. Online Security

Many creative businesses have trouble maintaining internet security making them vulnerable to hackers. This task can be easily handled by security films to provide necessary cyber security to your business.

  1. Bookkeeping

Keep a track of your financial records, but do not burden an essential employee with this responsibility as it might slow your business down.  Outsource this task by hiring a beginner to track all your records and keep you updated.

  1. Editing

If your creative business require a great deal of work that needs to be edited, leave it to someone else to pore over your files and ensure accuracy like the Fuzzy Pencil Creative company hands off its editing of documents to professional freelancers, saving them time.